Religion of Nasim Aghdam who opened fire at the YouTube California headquarters

She was a follower of the Baha’i Faith. Baha’i Faith (or Baha’ism) is a cult founded in 19th century in Iran.

I am not trying to say that she was motivated by her religious beliefs to commit this heinous crime. She was suffering from some serious mental illness which is now well-known to everyone.

When the news of this unfortunate incident spread across social media and the name of Baha’i Faith linked to the lady, many Baha’is everywhere, on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, refused to accept that she was a Baha’i. One Baha’i youtuber LOVEBAHA even uploaded a video falsely claiming that she was a Jewish. The video went viral and received 32k views in just 24 hours:


Many Baha’is over here falsely claimed that Nasim was a Muslim, please check the comment section.

This is not the first time Baha’is are doing this. From the beginning of their history they have been playing like this. When some one from them commits any crime they immediately bill it to some other religion, like the failed attempt on the life of King of Iran was falsely billed to the Babis, while the criminals were the followers of Baha’u’llah.

Thanks to the internet, they cannot do this now, it is very difficult to hide things these days. The lady herself mentioned her religion as Baha’i Faith on her Social profiles.

The US NSA admitted lately that she was a registered Baha’i. Below is a snapshot from their facebook page:

Apparently Baha’is condemn all sort of violence but when it comes to safeguarding / protecting their cult interests they can do all sort of dirty things, like verbal abuse, slapping people, harming physically, killing, etc. They have killed many people (opponents) in the early days of their history. They have removed the remains of one of their enemy (son of Baha’u’llah) from his grave and transferred it to other place so as to purify their holy precincts. They have illegally occupied Muslim endowment properties. Their leaders have usurped the inheritance of their brothers and sisters. I can go on and on….

Baha’is are just like any other people, there are people of all sorts in this community.



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