A Summary and Conclusion

1) Is “Seeking the truth and setting aside imitations,” a new principle?

In the books of the Zoroastrians, the Jews, the Christians, and Muslims, people are invited to seek and accept the truth and are forbidden from blind imitations. It is evident that this principle is not novel.

2) Did the leaders of Baha’ism act upon this principle?

Bahā’u’llāh ordered his followers to blindly imitate him, the UHJ actively prevents the investigation of the truth by withholding or distorting Baha’i scripture, and Baha’i missionaries proselytize to groups that have no means of investigating the truth. It is obvious that Baha’is do not adhere to this principle.

3) Are these principles, reasonable and logical?

Investigating the truth is reasonable but putting aside imitations is not always a good thing. For instance, referring to experts and specialists in a certain field and imitating them, is not problematic, but rather, it is confirmed by common sense and logic.


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