The Oneness of Humanity

“The second principle is the Oneness of Humanity: all humans are divine sheep and God is the kind shepherd who has utter compassion towards all the sheep and has made no distinction [between them].”

Reference:`Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb (Egypt), vol. 3, p. 67.

Bahā’u’llāh says:
Oh friends! Know that the curtain of unity has been raised, do not look at each other as strangers; you are all the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch.

Reference: Bahā’u’llāh, Majmū`iy-i alwāḥ-i mubārak-ih, p. 265.

According to Shoghi Effendi, the central axis of all Baha’i principles, and the ultimate goal of Baha’ism is the “Oneness of Humanity.”

“The principle of Oneness of Humanity is the axis of all of Bahā’u’llāh’s teachings” and “The Oneness of Humanity is the main and ultimate goal of Bahā’u’llāh’s creed,”

Reference: Hūshmand Fatḥ A`ẓam, Naẓm jahānī Bahā’ī muntakhabātī az āthār ṣādiri az qalam ḥaḍrat walī amr Allāh, 2nd ed. (Dundas [Canada]: n.p., 151 B. [1955]), pp. 49 and 57–58.

“This means that Bahā’u’llāh declared the Oneness of Humanity so all members of humanity become brothers, sisters, daughters, mothers, sons, and fathers of each other.”

Reference: `Abdu’l-Bahā, Khaṭābāt (Egypt), vol. 1, p. 154.

The following questions should be kept in mind while analyzing this principle:

1. What is the explicit meaning of the ‘Oneness of Humanity’? Does the Oneness of Humanity mean that people of all races and religions should become sisters, brothers, and friends or does it mean everyone should convert to Baha’ism?

2. If the former definition applies and everyone—regardless of religion or creed—should live in peace and harmony, then why do Baha’i orders imply the contrary (as we will soon show)?

3. If the meaning of the ‘Oneness of Humanity’ is that all people must become Baha’is, then who will be responsible for administrating the political matters of this unified Baha’i society, given that under Baha’i law, no Baha’i is allowed to interfere in political matters, either in words or in action?

4. Do Baha’is have a particular plan for reaching the ‘Oneness of Humanity’ or is this merely a theoretical slogan?

In further blogs we will analyze if the principle of ‘Oneness of Humanity’ was followed by the founders of this faith.


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