Legitimacy of the Universal House of Justice Depends on the Existence of the Guardian of the Cause of God – Part II

After Shoghi’s death, a group of prominent Baha’is under the guidance of Shoghi’s wife (Ruhiyyih), organized a conference in 1963 in which they selected nine people as the members of the Universal House of Justice who immediately started work in Haifa, Israel. This trend continues to this day without any legal basis.

Baha’is claim that the creation of the UHJ is completely justified and the nine body governing council fulfills the role of the Guardian too.

Those who utter these words should again read what Shoghi had openly announced:

“It should be stated, at the very outset, in clear and unambiguous language, that these twin institutions of the Administrative Order of Bahā’u’llāh should be regarded as divine in origin, essential in their functions and complementary in their aim and purpose.

Reference: Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Bahā’u’llāh, p. 148.

Neither can, nor will ever, infringe upon the sacred and prescribed domain of the other. Neither will seek to curtail the specific and undoubted authority with which both have been divinely invested.”

Reference: Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Bahā’u’llāh, p. 150.

These two pillars complement each-other and neither can interfere in the domain of the other. Shoghi further stresses that the separation of these two pillars is under no condition allowed or attainable:

“Separating the two pillars of the New Order from each-other is impossible and infeasible.”

Reference: Shoghi Effendi, Tauqī’āt mubāraki khiṭāb bi aḥibbā’ sharq, p. 301.

The matters regarding the UHJ and the Guardian have confused the Baha’is to such an extent that they have uttered all kinds of strange interpretations and justifications.

We advise these people to carefully refer to the closing statement of `Abdu’l-Bahā’s will:

“Beware lest anyone falsely interpret these words, and like unto them that have broken the Covenant after the Day of Ascension (of Bahā’u’llāh) advance a pretext, raise the standard of revolt, wax stubborn and open wide the door of false interpretation. To none is given the right to put forth his own opinion or express his particular conviction. All must seek guidance and turn unto the Center of the Cause and the House of Justice.”

Reference: Shoghi Effendi, Bahā’ī Administration, p. 12..

In any case, after the death of Shoghi the Baha’i community plunged in a state of turmoil and discord. Two distinct groups struggled to introduce themselves as the righteous successors of Shoghi.

The first group was under the directorship of Shoghi’s widow, Ruhiyyih and the second headed by the then president of the International Baha’i Council, who was a man by the name of Charles Mason Remey. Remey challenged the creation of the UHJ by Rūḥiyyih and announced that he was the righteous Guardian of the Cause.

Currently, the followers of Rūḥiyyih and the followers of Remey are in a state of enmity and feud and neither recognizes the authority of the other. Baha’is regard the followers of Remey as heretics and covenant breakers and prohibit their followers from socializing with them. On the other hand, at every opportunity, the followers of Remey announce that they are the true followers of the Orthodox Baha’i faith and the Haifan UHJ is illegal.

There are many other sects in this faith. Readers may refer to the below website for detailed information:



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