Contradictions Part 2

4- Will Education Dispel Ignorance?

Reason and common-sense: Education will dispel ignorance.

Bahā’u’llāh: If you have all the knowledge on earth but do not become a Baha’i you are ignorant.

“If today, someone grasps all of the knowledge on earth but stops at the word ‘yes’ (meaning does not become a Baha’i), the Lord will not pay attention to him (ladī l-Ḥaqq madhkūr na) and he will be considered as the most ignorant amongst the people,”

Reference: Bahā’u’llāh, Iqtidārāt wa chand lauḥ dīgar, p. 111

“From now on nobody is to be called knowledgeable, except those who have decorated themselves with the garment of this New Affair (meaning those who have become Baha’is),”

Reference: Bahā’u’llāh, Badī`, pp. 138–139.


5. The Criterion for Being a True Prophet: Good Nurturing and Education of People

`Abdu’l-Bahā: A prophet who cannot nurture people is not a prophet.

Reference: `Abd al-Ḥamīd Ishrāq Khāwarī, Payām-i malakūt, pp. 203–204.

The result of `Abdu’l-Bahā being nurtured by his father: My enemies are “senile like arrogant fools and not seashells full of gems. They are ecstatic from the smell of garbage like dung beetles.”

Reference: `Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb (Egypt), vol. 1, pp. 442–443.


6. Are Baha’is Allowed to Attend Non-Baha’i Schools?

`Abdu’l-Bahā: You are absolutely prohibited from sending your children to non-Baha’i schools for they will be a cause of humiliation and disgrace to the faith.

Reference: `Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb (probably Tehran), vol. 5, p. 170.

`Abdu’l-Bahā Sends Shoghi to attend the best non-Baha’i schools in Palestine.

“It was here that Shoghi Effendi had a very significant dream which he recounted to me and which I wrote down. He said that when he was nine or ten years old, living with his nurse in this house and attending school in Haifa, he dreamed that he and another child, an Arab schoolmate, were in the room in which ‘Abdu’l-Baha used to receive His guests in the house in Akka . . . Shoghi Effendi entered the best school in Haifa, the College des Freres, conducted by the Jesuits . . . ‘Abdu’l-Baha decided to send him to Beirut where he attended another Catholic school as a boarder . . . ‘Abdu’l-Baha Who then had arrangements made for Shoghi Effendi to enter the Syrian Protestant College, which had a school as well as a university,”

Reference: Rūhīyyih Rabbani, The Priceless Pearl, pp. 16–17.


7. Must Foreign Languages Be Taught at Schools?

`Abdul’-Bahā: Teach foreign languages at school.

“And further, as well as in the ideals of character, instruction in such arts and sciences as are of benefit, and in foreign tongues,”

Reference: Helen Bassett Hornby, Lights of Guidance: A Bahā’ī Reference File, chap. VIII, no. 494.

Bahā’u’llāh: Reduce all languages to one and only teach that language at school!

“Languages must be reduced to one common language to be taught in all the schools of the world.,”

Reference: Bahā’u’llāh, Tablets of Bahā’u’llāh Revealed After the Kitāb-i-Aqdas, p. 90.


Courtesy: Twelve Principles – A Comprehensive Investigation on the Bahai Teachings


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