Let’s Ponder

1) Is Universal Peace a novel principle?

All religions have hoped and strived for universal peace. Among philosophers, Kant had proposed a method to establish universal peace years before Bahā’u’llāh.

2) Did the leaders of Baha’ism act upon this principle?

The fights and disputes which were committed with the permission of Baha’i leaders, show that they themselves did not adhere to this principle. Bahā’u’llāh’s order to be certain torment to his enemies is an official license for Baha’is to incite hatred among its enemies.

3) Is this principle rational and logical?

If a tyrant starts a war or a group of people attack another group, then all people with an iota of common sense will defend themselves. Thus the orders to put aside self-defense or limiting it to very far-fetched circumstances or hard-to-come-by conditions, lack any kind of reasoning and have no rational basis whatsoever.


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