Contradictions Part 4

Q5. Is Aggression Forbidden?

Bahā’u’llāh: All kinds of aggression and quarreling are prohibited.

“Using the sword has been completely abrogated and invasion has been completely prohibited. Even quarreling with other nations is not permissible,”

Reference: `Abd al-Ḥamīd Ishrāq Khāwarī, Ganjīniy-i ḥudūd wa aḥkām, chap. 36, p. 272.

`Abdu’l-Bahā: My father (Bahā’u’llāh) told his companions to hit the kabob seller in the mouth because he merely said the Bābīs have come again.

“When his holiness returned from Sulaymaniyah, he was strolling in the street one day with the late Āqā Mīrzā Muḥammad Qulī. A Kabob seller quietly said, ‘These Bābīs have appeared again!’ His holiness said to Mīrzā Muḥammad Qulī, ‘Hit him in the mouth!’ Mīrzā Muḥammad Qulī grabbed his beard and started hitting him in the head,”

Reference: Ḥabīb Mu’ayyad, Khāṭirāti Ḥabīb, vol. 1, p.266.


Q6. Did Baha’ism Put an End to All Disputes and Fights?

`Abdu’l-Bahā: Bahā’u’llāh dispelled all wars and battles between religions, governments, and tribes in Iran!

“In a time when Iran was infested with war and battle and there were wars between religions and faiths, and religions had enmity towards each other and avoided one another and regarded others as impure, and there was war between governments, tribes, and lands, in such a time and such darkness, his highness Bahā’u’llāh appeared and dispelled those darkness’s,”

Reference: `Abd al-Ḥamīd Ishrāq Khāwarī, Payām-i malakūt, p. 72.

However the History shows otherwise!


Q7. Can a Conquering Lands Be Praiseworthy?

`Abdu’l-Bahā: Yes it can.

“A conquest can be a praiseworthy thing, and there are times when war becomes the powerful basis of peace, and ruin the very means of reconstruction,”

Reference: J. E. Esslemont, Bahā’u’llāh and the New Era, p. 172.
`Abdu’l-Bahā: We must not go to war over these lands!

“It is clear that man lives on this land for a few years [and once he dies] will go under it (i.e. buried in it) forever and it is his eternal grave. Is it worth it to go to war over this eternal graveyard?”

Reference: `Abd al-Ḥamīd Ishrāq Khāwarī, Payām-i malakūt, pp. 104–105.


Q8. When Will Universal Peace Be Established?

`Abdu’l-Bahā: Universal peace will be established in 1957.

This Prophecy was not fulfilled and was removed from Baha’i books!

“Perhaps the most important change in Bahā’u’llāh and the New Era was made on page 212 of the 1923 edition. Recorded as a Bahā’ī prophecy concerning the “Coming of the Kingdom of God,” Esslemont cited Abdu’l-Bahā’s interpretation of the last two verses of the Book of Daniel from the Bible. He stated that the 1335 days spoken of by Daniel represented 1335 solar years from Muhammad’s flight to Medina in 622 A.D., which would equal 1957 A.D.. When asked “‘What shall we see at the end of the 1335 days?’,”

Abdu’l-Bahā’s reply was: “‘Universal Peace will be firmly established, a Universal language promoted. Misunderstandings will pass away. The Bahā’ī Cause will be promulgated in all parts and the oneness of mankind established. It will be most glorious!'”

In editions published after his death, Esslemont’s words have been changed to say that Abdu’l-Bahā “reckoned the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy from the date of the beginning of the Muhammadan era”

One of Abdu’l-Bahá’s Tablets is quoted on the same subject in which he writes, “‘For according to this calculation a century will have elapsed from the dawn of the Sun of Truth . . . Esslemont recorded Abdu’l-Bahā as declaring explicitly that the prophecy was to be computed from the Hijra or 622 A.D. and that specific conditions would exist in the world upon it’s fulfillment in 1957.

When it became apparent that this Bahā’ī prophecy would not be fulfilled, it was replaced with the ambiguous material which has remained in the text to the present,”

Reference: Vance Salisbury, A Critical Examination of 20th-Century Baha’i Literature. (retrieved 22/2/2014).


Courtesy: Twelve Principles – A Comprehensive Investigation on the Bahai Teachings


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