Baha’u’llah Orders His Tablets To Be Destroyed

It is interesting to know that this last quote which is known as the Tablet of the Maiden (Lauḥ Ḥūrī) was ordered by Bahā’u’llāh to be destroyed but was saved by the pleas of Bahā’u’llāh’s secretary.

Reference:- According to Professor John Walbridge of Indiana University in an article titled “Erotic Imagery in the Allegorical Writings of Bahā’u’llāh” available online: (retrieved 2/8/2014).

This is not the only tablet that Bahā’u’llāh had ordered to be destroyed:

“No less an authority than Mīrzā Āqā Jān, Bahā’u’llāh’s amanuensis, affirms, as reported by Nabīl, that by the express order of Bahā’u’llāh, hundreds of thousands of verses, mostly written by His own hand, were obliterated and cast into the river. “Finding me reluctant to execute His orders,” Mīrzā Āqā Jān has related to Nabīl, “Bahā’u’llāh would reassure me saying: ‘None is to be found at this time worthy to hear these melodies.’ …Not once, or twice, but innumerable times, was I commanded to repeat this act.

Reference:- Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 138.

Reading Bahā’u’llāh’s real visions and fondling with the Holy Spirit (the Maiden) one can only wonder what stories about the Maiden were inscribed in these tablets that Mīrzā Āqā Jān had accepted to destroy them.
Bahā’u’llāh’s justification is even more disturbing: “None is to be found at this time worthy to hear these melodies.” Since he ordered these tablets to be destroyed instead of being saved for a people in the future who might be worthy of hearing those melodies, we can safely assume that not only did there not exist a person worthy of hearing them at that time, but there would never be one.

Either way, these questions remain to be answered: Why reveal hundreds of thousands of verses that no one is worthy of hearing? Why reveal hundreds of thousands of verses that you will ultimately order to be destroyed? What Messenger from God is this that orders his own teachings to be destroyed? Is it not absurd? Or maybe we should ask: What was Bahā’u’llāh trying to hide?
Bahā’u’llāh’s writings are strongly reminiscent of Sufi and mystic poetry not prophetic revelations. This is not strange because after all, he had lived with Sufis and mystics for two years in the mountains of Kurdistan and his sister had explicitly declared that he had been associating with mystics and Sufis for years when he was in Tehran.

Courtesy:- Twelve Principles – A Comprehensive Investigation on the Bahai Teachings


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